We need more fire fighters.

When an emergency hits, we need responders. Having more volunteers ready for emergencies decreases the community’s risk that too many responders are at work, out of town, or just not available. However, the amount of time you commit is your call.

We train you in accordance with the State Fire Academy requirements established by the State Fire Commissioner, the recognized standard for professional, paid fire fighters. The community deserves this level of protection, and it ensures our fire fighters’ safety.

We need rescue technicians.

Four out of every 10 calls are for an accident – not a fire. MTVFD is part of the emergency response team for the Marshall Township section of Interstate 79 and for part of the PA Turnpike.

An all-volunteer department also needs people to:

  • Promote fire prevention
  • Teach fire safety in schools
  • Manage finances
  • Develop web sites and newsletters
  • Assist with public relations
  • Help with grant writing and fundraising
  • Provide administrative support
  • Maintain facilities and apparatus

We welcome and need diversity.

There are roles for both young and old, male and female. You must be over 16 years of age. All members must attend a minimum number of meetings each year. You are expected to serve on one or more committees and assist in keeping the stations clean.

Interested in learning more about joining? Click on this contact form:

Ready to join? Follow the steps on the Membership Application Process page.