Community Outreach

Station Tours

Station tours can be arranged and given on an individual or group basis.

Invite Us to Your Neighborhood Events

We will send a fire truck and firefighters. We love coming to children’s parties, birthdays, neighborhood block parties, or company events.

Freddie The Fire Truck, a fully animated fire truck robot, is available. He speaks, listens, and sounds his siren. He’s just the right size for teaching young children. He communicates with them at their eye level. He’s perfect for hugs and kisses from small friends. He’s agile enough to maneuver easily in small, crowded areas.


Our Fire Safety House (FiSH) is available for larger groups (generally elementary school age). Perfect for school classes, youth organizations like Scouts, and community events. Our mobile FiSH has a living room, kitchen and bedroom which allows children to be immersed in an interactive, fire safety experience.

Invite the Fire Department to Train in Your Neighborhood

MTVFD has training at least twice a month – typically Tuesday nights. We would be happy to conduct one of our training sessions in your neighborhood to allow residents to watch and ask questions during the session. The following guidelines apply:

  • We require a 21-day notice before the scheduled training
  • Booking an event will depend on the type of training and the availability of appropriate space. At a minimum, we will require a dead end road, field or cul-de-sac.
  • The event must to located in Marshall Township

To arrange: call 724-935-1230 or email