Equipment deployment is split between Station #1 and Station #2 and varies depending upon department needs.

185 Engine #1

  • Primary purpose is to fight fires.
  • 750 gallon tank

185 Engine #2

  • 2021 Spartan S180 Pumper

185 Rescue

  • 2017 Rescue Built by 4guys Fire
  • 15kw Hydraulic generator
  • LED Light Tower and Scene Lighting
  • Preconnected Hydraulic Rescue Tool System
  • LED Arrow Board For Traffic Control
  • Used for all types of rescue and extraction including vehicle accidents

185 Air Truck

  • Used to refill firefighter’s self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with compressed air
  • Allows a firefighter to spend extended time in environments in which SCBA is required

185 Brush Truck

  • 1968 FMC
  • 300 gallon tank
  • 70 gallon per minute high pressure pump
  • Primarily used used to fight brush fires

185 Command Vehicle

  • Command vehicles are provided to senior brigade officers.
  • These are specially equipped SUVs.
  • This allow officers to respond more quickly to calls by obviating the need to go first to one of the stations.
  • One squad is also used to transport firefighters to incidents if required as well as transportation for routine company business.

185 Utility Truck

  • Used primarily for traffic control
  • Can also be used for also utility functions as needed
  • Can tow a companion trailer to haul equipment as needed

185 Fire Safety Education

  • The FISH (Fire Instruction Safety House) is a converted RV mobile home with a miniature bedroom, miniature kitchen, and miniature family room.
  • It can be towed to a variety of sites including public schools.
  • It is used to train children to identify common fire hazards and to be able to escape should a fire (or audible smoke alarm) occur.
  • The Fire Prevention Unit stores a variety of fire safety instructional material.
  • It can be towed to a variety of sites including public schools.
  • It contains Freddy the Fire Truck, a remote controlled unit that has a siren and sprays water.