Fire Safety Videos for Kids

These videos are intended for a younger audience, but adults can also learn.
(Better yet, watch with your kids and make it a learning experience.)

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The Emergency Number is 911
Learn Two Ways Out of Every Room
The Gear Firefighters Wear
Listen For The Sound of The Smoke Alarm
Walk Away or Stay and Play
Fire Safety Minute
I Spy Fire Safety
Hot, Not Hot, or Sometimes Hot
All About Fire Engines
Look, Listen, Learn
Look For Places Fire Could Start
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Science
It’s Good to Know About Fire Safety

Videos on the section below are reproduced from ESFi.

P.I. Plug’s Home Safety
P.I. Plug’s Smoke Alarm Safety
P.I. Plug’s Holiday Safety
P.I. Plug’s 4 Seasons of Safety Tour
P.I. Plug’s A Visit with Grandma Plug

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