Weekly Update from Elaine Hatfield

This week at MTFVD there will be training on Tuesday, the 30th, as follows:
Tuesday, 7/30, Water Movement Training (Roll in drills – Tim Cole is the OIC) – at Wexford’s Main Station.  Please plan to leave your station at 6:45pm.   Station 2, please bring whatever works and SCBAs, Station 1, please bring at least the engine. 
Also, Pauline asked me to include the following:
The following people still need to complete HAZ Mat refresher by Sept 30th. This is a required training.
April and Mike Ashbaugh, Stefan Bordeianu, Amanda Efinger, Angela Isaac, Jim Laine, R J Melnyk, Eve & Justin Studebaker, Adian Upton.
Ralph Pagone needs day 2 of Haz Mat refresher.
Others Max Melnyk needs Haz Mat 40 hour course.
Stefan Bordeianu please turn in cpr/1st card, Tatiana Guenther and Makenna Tuman please turn in completed certificates.
When you completed your HAZ Mat refresher or any other training please put a copy of your certificate in my mailbox at station 1. Thank You.