The Brigade Officers agreed on the following Guidelines for 185 Vehicle Usage:

1. When using a vehicle except for responding to fire calls, and in house trainings the driver is responsible for marking the location of the vehicle or trailer on the board at the station and filling out the vehicle log book.  The vehicle log book is located in each vehicle. 
2. When a member requests a vehicle for a MTVFD activity, they should reserve the vehicle by marking it on the calendar in the radio room which the vehicle is housed at.
3. Do NOT notify County that a vehicle is out of service.
4.  When crewing a vehicle (E1, E2 or Rescue) except for incidents, trainings and public relations events, you must have 3 qualified firefighters and 1 other brigade member. 
5. When returning the vehicle, the vehicle should be clean and the fuel gauge will be above 3/4.