From 1902 until 1952, Marshall Township residents were protected by the Wexford Volunteer Fire Department.

1952: On January 17, 1952, 10 Marshall residents requested a charter for the Marshall Township Volunteer Fire Department. The first appointed officials were:

  • President: Mr. William Warren
  • Vice President: Mr. Harry Davison
  • Assistant Vice President: Mr. Joseph Carey
  • Treasurer: Mr. Karl Simon
  • Secretary: Mr. George Huber

On March 21, the charter was granted, membership had grown to 61. The first election of officers was held April 29:

  • President- Mr. Rudy Rozinak Jr.
  • Vice President- Mr. Floyd Davison
  • Recording Secretary- Mr. Gene Egrnhart
  • Corresponding Secretary- Mr. Francis McCann
  • Treasurer- Mr. George Huber

In May the Department’s first truck was purchased from the Saxonburg Fire Company for $1,400. It was a 1938 Ford, front mount pump, Type F, with a 200-gallon tank that could pump 250 gallons of water per minute. June 10, the first Line Officers were elected: 

  • Fire Chief – Mr. Cliff Kirsches
  • Earl Frits – Assistant Fire Chief
  • Casper Rider – Captain
  • Karl Simon – First Lieutenant

1953: MTVFD purchased a White Gulf Oil Truck (1,500 Gallon Tanker) in June. In July they bought a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon for Brush fires. MTVFD spent $3,000 in October to buy the D.B. Fowler Building on Northgate Drive for their first fire hall.

1954: Its first ambulance, a 1941 Cadillac, was donated by Ralph Schugar. 

February 1959: They acquired another used Dodge Power Wagon. Later that year, they bought their first new piece of equipment: an International Pumper that could pump 500 gallons of water per minute with a 500 gallon water tank.

1960: The Department purchased a used 1947 Cadillac ambulance.

1962: They acquired a used 1955 Cadillac ambulance.

1963: They bought their first new Tanker. It had a 1,500-gallon tank and pumped out 250 gallons of water per minute.

April 1963: They bought their first CB radio.

December 1976: A motion was made to purchase a new pumper. It was then that the vote was passed to switch the color of the fire trucks from red to safety yellow.

1966: They purchased a used 1960 Cadillac ambulance and a low band radio.

1968: Marshall contracted for a new International Model 1600 4×4 all wheel drive Brush Truck with a John Beam high pressure pump with 200 gallons of water, which was put in service in January 1969.

Late 60s: It was decided to appoint special fire police. The fire police assisted police and fire departments during emergencies by directing traffic and performing other necessary duties. 

1969: The Fire Company answered 40 calls, but in 2001, responded to 268 calls.

1970: The first new ambulance for the Fire Company was acquired. That same year, the company bought their first Squad Truck. The Squad Truck was used to carry firefighters to the scene of a fire in a safe and protected environment.

1972: Squad Truck #2, a nine-passenger van, was purchased.

1973: The first female firefighter in the North Hills came on board. Susan Berman was sworn in as a member on February 24.

1974: MTVFD purchased its first used Rescue Truck, a 1972 Dodge van.

1977: They purchased a new GMC ambulance and a new 1976 Spartan FMC Custom 4- Door pumper – only 1 of 4 of its type built in the country. 

1979: The Marshall Fire Company Public Ambulance Service was taken over by McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority. 

1981: The Department put a new GMC Four Guys Tanker with 2,000 gallons of water and a 500 GPM pump into service. 

November 1981: They bought the first uniforms for all members. To improve communications and fire call attendance, the MTVFD acquired their first portable pagers. 

1982: They bought a used 1974 Welsh Body Rescue Truck from North Hampton, Ohio. This truck housed the hydraulic rescue equipment. In April Marshall budgeted for an Amkus rescue tool (the Jaws of Life) used to extricate victims of entrapment. Prior to this, Zelienople and McCandless Fire Companies handled Marshall’s accidents with entrapment. In May MTVFD celebrated its 30th anniversary with a parade, circus and dance at the Fire Hall.

1983: They purchased its first emergency generator for the station. 

1984: They bought their first computer and new bunker gear. In that same year, Marshall Township and the Fire Company put in a new traffic light system to give emergency vehicles safer travel enroute. It was first installed at Route 19 and the Red Belt, along with two emitters in the fire trucks. 

June 1985: Company members underwent their first training with a Life Flight Helicopter. 

August 1986: MTVFD acquired a 1951 American LaFrance 65 foot Aerial Ladder Truck for $2,036 from Allegheny County.

August 1993: The 1951 ladder truck was sold to Olle Eriksson, an automobile collector from Sweden.

Early 1990s: MTVFD bought property on Markman Park Road with plans to build a new substation. Unfortunately, opposition from area residents caused this idea to be abandoned. (The property was sold in 2001.) 

1991: In March they signed a service contract with Turnpike Commission agreeing to provide fire and rescue services covering mile markers 30 to 39 Eastbound, and the Rest Stop at the 30 mile marker Westbound. In April, Marshall Township Supervisors approved a new public works building on Knob Road as a joint venture with the Fire Department. The MTVFD would have three bays and be considered Station #2. 

Early 1990s: Major renovations were completed on Station #1. The recreation room was completed, a new roof was put on, new garage doors were installed, electrical service was updated, the board of directors room/computer room was refinished , and yes….the bathroom was finally completed! 

May 1992: Members made a motion to purchase a 1992 Spartan/Quality Pumper with an indoor pump panel, a 2,000 GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank at the cost of $268,000. The truck was put into service in February 1993. 

January 1994: Park Station on Knob Road became fully operational, housing three fire trucks. 

1995: A Ford Squad Truck was purchased by the Fire Company Relief Association. After 30 years of McCandless-based dispatch, the Fire Company and Township Officials agreed to switch over to Newcom 911 dispatch center. This allowed the Fire Company to operate on Ultra High Radio Band. A $60,000 effort, the high band communication was much clearer and less crowded.  MTVFD was assigned the Station Number 185. 

1997: MTVFD voted to purchase a new 1998 Quality Heavy Rescue Truck on a Spartan Chassis for the amount of $311,811. The new truck could haul 6 firefighters, and had 2 separate rescue systems, trench rescue equipment, and RIT capabilities. A back-up generator was purchased to supply emergency electricity to the entire building during power failures and provide assistance to the community by serving as an emergency evacuation center. 

1998: Freddie the Fire Truck joined the MTVFD family to be used to help educate children in Fire Safety Awareness at local schools, churches, and community events.  In June the GMC Tanker was sent to Four Guys Manufacturing for refurbishment and old Rescue 6 was refurbished in-house and re-deployed for Station 2. 

1999: A new trophy case was built for $4,000 in the recreation room at Station #1. Two months later, t25 new MSA Air Packs and Masks were purchased. This was a positive pressure device, which allowed air to constantly flow and keep smoke out of the firefighters’ masks. The packs were lighter, provided an additional 15 minutes of breathing air, and were equipped with a P.A.S.S. alarm device to notify firefighters when a fellow firefighter is in trouble. 

In October, a new emitter system was installed at Route 19 and the Red Belt. This system enabled the light to be activated by sound as opposed to light. In December a decision was made to abolish the Special Fire Police. However, the firefighters were still actively fulfilling the duties of the fire police. 

2000: A $22,000 thermal imaging camera was donated by a township resident, allowing search for victims in a structure fire and to help sense heat/fire behind walls or other structures. In mid 2000, the MTVFC set up their first Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). The team of 8 firefighters served as a rescue team for other local fire companies during structure fires. All RIT team members went through 16 hours of mandatory, in-depth training. Fire Companies in Butler, Beaver and Allegheny counties worked together to implement RIT teams. In August 2000, Marshall Township won the Cranberry Township Light-up Night Parade Super trophy for the best appearing Fire Company including trucks, personnel and color guard. 

2001: Six Marshall Firefighters took the initiative to undergo First Responder training to help better serve their community. On October 16, 2001, the MTVFD housed its new pumper at Station #2 with Cranberry, Economy, Middlesex, Zelienople, and Bradford Woods Fire Companies on hand for the ceremony. This truck was built on a 2001 Spartan Chassis with a Four Guys Body and includes a 1,000 gallon water tank, a 2000 GPM Hale pump, 40 gallons of foam, a thermal imaging camera and an Amkus combo rescue tool. The cost of the new addition was approximately $360,000. In October 2001, members approved the purchase of the neighboring Hines property by Station #1 for $100,000 in hopes of future expansion. The closing took place in November.